Walking the Ever So Fine Line Between Exercise and Cosmetic Surgery

Walking the Ever So Fine Line Between Exercise and Cosmetic Surgery

wil lcellulite reduction work

Will cellulite reduction work for me? How can I get rid of cellulite? Will Botox help me look less tired and more youthful? Is reshaping bodies possible through diet and exercise alone?
If you’re like many American men and women, these are all too common questions that you may have asked a professional plastic surgeon or even ran through a search engine. The answer is not quite so simple, as everyone’s health and bodies are different.

However, there are a variety of effective treatments, including cosmetic surgery and non-invasive, that will help you to achieve your desired look. In fact, more than 11 million cosmetic surgical and non surgical procedures were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and otolaryngologists in the United States in 2013, a 12% jump from 2012.

Almost all — well, 98% — of women have cellulite. Common areas that cellulite forms are on the thighs and buttocks or even on the backs of arms. While exercise is good for a lot of things, such as increasing stamina, endurance, and muscle tone, it can’t get rid of cellulite, despite common belief.

In order to properly and permanently get rid of cellulite, you’ll most likely have to undergo liposuction. Liposuction has become increasingly common, with the number of liposuction procedures increasing by 16.3%, or 363,912 procedures, from 2012 to 2013. In short, the answer to the question, "Will cellulite reduction work for me?" is absolutely!

Similarly, non-invasive and non-surgical procedures such as Botox are highly effective in restoring a youthful appearance to one’s skin. While engaging in frequent exercise and physical activity can improve your circulation, and therefore improve the condition of your skin, exercise cannot turn back the clock in regards to wrinkles.

The best solution is to maintain an active lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and get a little nip or tuck here and there in order to achieve the results you want!

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