Most People Still Believe These 3 Myths About Liposuction… Do You?

Most People Still Believe These 3 Myths About Liposuction… Do You?

abdominal liposuction

If you’ve done any reading about lipo treatments lately, you’ll know that you have plenty of options to choose from. For a common procedure like abdominal liposuction, you can even opt to have a state-of-the-art procedure like laser liposuction, which is a type of laser cellulite removal procedure and is becoming very common. With certified doctors and surgeons providing over 11 million cosmetical procedures in a year — and that’s not even taking into account any surgical weight loss procedures — it’s easy to see that this industry is growing very quickly.

But let’s face it: all the treatment options in the world won’t make up for confusing and false myths that people still spread about liposuction procedures. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the more common ones:

  • Myth 1: There are lots of risks and complications with liposuction
     Yes, liposuction is one of the more invasive treatments for weight loss treatment, and there’s a necessary healing and recovery time in between those liposuction before and after photos that you’ve definitely seen online. But many of these procedures are performed so frequently — and the technology is so advanced — that it’s possible to limit the risks involved. If your doctor thinks the procedure is too risky for you, he or she will let you know.

  • Myth 2: Only women get liposuction
     Definitely not! Okay, yes, the majority of American adults in weight loss programs are women, just as the majority (about 90%) of cosmetic treatments are performed on women too. However, plenty of men undergo these treatments and this number is only rising. After all, with all the beer bellies out there, it would just be weird if men weren’t interested in abdominal liposuction procedures.

  • Myth 3: Liposuction is a permanent and effective way to lose weight
    This is half true, because it canassist you if you’re trying to lose weight and you’ve already begun living a healthier lifestyle. But liposuction shouldn’t be used as an alternative to eating less junk food, and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll keep the fat off if you aren’t living healthier. In fact, studies show that after a patient receives a liposuction treatment, he or she is three times as likely to gain weight if a healthy diet isn’t implemented, and four times as likely if there’s no regular exercise regimen. It doesn’t matter how much weight was taken off during an abdominal liposuction treatment; that belly fat can still come back again if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle.

Now we want to hear what you think about all of this — do you have any myths to add to the list? Questions that you’d like answered? Feel free to visit the comments section and share your thoughts!

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