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The old adage, "If it’s too good to be true, then it must not be true"  applies to sooooooo many things in cosmetics.  In 2010, consumers around the world spent over 330 billions on cosmetics products and supplies according to Harvard business report.  It is a growing industry that is not well regulated.  Many of the products advertise are minimally effective or not effective.  As consumers we are inundated with a deluge of infomercials on this cream and that scent and how they can improve our appearances and appeals.   Most of these products end up tossed in the back of many drawers or in wastebaskets everywhere.

Similarly, the body image and body shape industry suffers from the same disregulation.  We are atttracted to the newest technologies and gadgets and are always looking for the next miracle.  Science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last century but we have not yet discovered the fountain of youth, or that gene will allow us to indulge ourselves and not gain a pound, or that machine that will exercise for us while we sit on the couch.  These maybe technologies of the future but for the present we still have to fight aging hands and fists, and pay for that piece of cake in sweats and tears. fat busting

Basically, we need to be aware and informed consumers.  Everything is not what it appears and you can’t just believe what you hear or read at face value.  You need to be a bit skeptical.  Ask the questions.  Do the research.  There are so many advertisements out there on how to get rid of body fat.  We all want that.  We all get drawn into the latest but maybe ignorant to the fact that it may not be the greatest for us. 

Let me help you out by summarizing the top 5 technologies on fighting fat out there, comparing the effectiveness, risks, benefits, and costs to the gold standard, traditional, asleep, surgical liposuction.  I hope this will help you decide on what is best for you.  Note that all these technologies can be applied in the office setting under local anaesthesia.


1. SmartLipo Laser-assisted tumescent liposuction, minimally invasive procedure is performed in the office using a small laser to heat the skin and melts the fat.  This can stimulate collagen production, tighten skin, and break up the fat cells.  The volume reduction is similar to traditional liposuction with minimal risks.  It is lower in cost than traditional liposuction and is a bit easier to recover from but recovery will depend on the volume of fat removed with relation to the starting fat pockets.  The result is smoother due to smaller instruments being used in general, however, results are highly dependent on your physician’s experience and aesthetic talents.

2. CoolLipo – Laser-assited tumescent liposuction, minimally invasive procedure is performed in the office using a small laser to heat the skin and melts the fat. (Deja vu – It is almost exactly the same technology as SmartLipo with a few differences, enough to get its own FDA approval.)  The name can be confusing because it is not a cold laser.  It is a hot laser and the name is just a marketing tactic; CoolLipo – how "cool" is that.  The benefits and risks are ditto to Smartlipo so you can reread above.

3. Tickle Lipo – Tumescent liposuction, minimally invasive procedure performed with a rapidly circling suction cannula.  The technology is in the suctioning device.  No, it does not literally tickle you but the vibration it creates may be ticklish to some people.  There is not a skin tightening benefit that is added aside from the fat removal itself.  The reduction of fat can be comparable to the first two methods above. Again, your result will depend on your physician.  It should cost less than the laser methods above because it lacks the collagen stimulation and promotion of skin tightening benefit.

4. Body Jet lipo– Water jet assisted liposuction, minimally invasive, liposuction using water jets to assist with the fat extractions. Risks, results, and costs are very comparable to the options above.  The fat in this case can be used for grafting.  Your final look will again be determined by your physician’s expertise and not the technology.

5. CoolSculpting – Freeze your fat, non-invasive. Multiple treatments are required with this method.  Your fat pockets are squeezed between two cooling plates and cooled to a temperature where fat cells can die and will be removed by your own body.  The fat reduction is much less than liposuction and the results may not be visible for about 3 months.  Because the fat destruction is less, the discomfort is less, and recovery is quicker but this has to be repeated sometimes 3 to 4 times in the same area before reduction can be seen.  It can be an option for someone with very small fat pockets who does not want anything invasive, not even a small needle.  It does destroy fat, albeit, minimally.  Don’t expect wow results from this procedure.  You will see subtle reduction over an extended period of time.  The cost of this procedure maybe more expensive than laser liposuction after 3-4 treatments for the same area.

6. Zerona – Light therapy, Non-invasive.  The “arms” with lights hover over the area of treatment.  There is no direct contact with the body and the light will promote destruction of some fat cells.  There is no pain and no downtime.  Too good to be true?  Remember, you don’t get significant fat destruction and improvement without your body protesting this a bit.  If it does not hurt a little, then it does not work.  There is certainly some fat cells destruction but when you have 50 billion fat cells, destroying 100 cells will not make any difference in your body.  The cost for this would be too expensive at any price in my opinion.  Let me know if you disagree.  I have seen many patients who have been disappointed by this technology.  The hype is way bigger than the result. 

I hope this gives you a clearer idea of what is out there as you move forward in making a well informed decision for you and your body.

You have worked hard at diet and exercise and have not seen the result you were expecting.  Have you ever considered liposuction for your body’s troubled areas?  If so you are in good company with many women who have thought about this alternative.  I’m certain you have also felt guilty for thinking about lipo even chastised yourself for being vain.  This is the story of our typical patient.  Let me set the record straight.  Liposuction is a real and viable option for you.  You are not selfish, self-absorbed, or vain.  This is about you and your body.  Many people have undergone liposuction and have been ecstatic about their results.  They immediately have increased self-esteem.  They are happier and this is reflected in every aspect of their lives including work and home. 

Why not consider liposuction.  Is it that you fear it, don’t know what to expect, or are uncertain of what results you may get?  Here are some tips to assist you in getting the best possible result from liposuction.liposuction back

1. Facility and Physician – This is a crucial step in achieving your best result.  There are many facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Lots of advertisements and specials.  You need to do some research, visit a few facilities, and meet with a few physicians.  You should look for individualized, personal care at a reputable facility.  Meeting with the physician is a key to your success.  You need to inquire about his/her experience and develop a physician-patient rapport.  You should also ask for references (previous patients who you can speak with) for the physician and the facility.  This is an important step in getting your best liposuction result.  You should feel confident in your selection.liposuction back

2. Pockets of Fat – Most of us will have various pocketsof fat that will respond to laser liposuction.  Your results will be best if the fat is located in the abdomen, love handles, chin, lower back, thighs, and back of arms.  These areas are perfect to target with liposuction.

3. Methods of Liposuction – There are various techniques in liposuction.  Traditional liposuction under general anesthesia is no longer recommended due to its risks and poorer result.  The liposuction method of choice should be awake laser assisted tumescent liposuction.  That is a mouthful.  This method is done in the office setting, awake, with local numbing, using the laser to melt the fat and small cannulas (tubes) to remove the fat.  It is minimally invasive, with very low risk, and smoother results.  It has been referred to by various names – laser liposculpture, laser liposuction, Smartlipo, and laser assisted liposuction.  It is important to chose this best method when undergoing liposuction to achieve the best possible result

4. Garments – After your procedure you will be asked to wear a tight fitting corsette of some kind.  This is very important initially for comfort and healing in the first 2 weeks but the garment is also important to wear after that as your body is remolding to its new shape.  You are what you wear (a future blog article to come.)  The garment is tight, hot, and not comfortable when you are first introduced to it.  You will like it more with time and the future benefit of long term wearing is huge. The garment and its proper fit and compression will positively influence your lipo result.

5. Stable Weight – It is crucial to maintain your weight after the procedure.  Your liposuction result is permanent.  The fat cells do no regrow or "come back."  However, you are still able to gain weight if you don’t maintain a steady nutrition and exercise plan.  We all tend to add weight with age.  You need to be more vigilant and prevent the weight gain.  If you gain weight, the fat cells in other parts of your body will hold on to this weight and cause a disproportionate change in your shape.  Thus maintaing your weight will keep your post lipo body beautiful. 

By following these 5 steps everyone can achieve beautiful, lasting, laser liposuction results.  Good luck.  If you have comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to write.

Many people with unwanted fat who have dieted and exercised and see minimal or no result have considered liposuction.  They have considered this option because they have a stomach pooch, thigh saddle bags, or love handles that would not go away despite diet and targetted exercises.  They may have thought of liposuction, researched it, but may find undergoing liposuction a bit scary.  This is understandable especially with the multitudes of horrific stories circulating the internet as well as in mainstream media.  Thankfullly, many Smart Lipo Los Angeles clinics such as Body Envi, may change the way people see liposuction and cosmetic surgery.

At this present time we should forget old-school liposuction and should only consider minimally invasive, awake, clinic-based laser liposuction with the SmartLipo laser.  Unlike old lipo, laser liposuction makes it possible to lose a few sizes – fast, have no loose skin after the procedure, and feel well enough to go back to work in just a few days.  People magazine have stated, "SmartLipo may be as close as humans can come to that fat-melting fantasy." 

The SmartLipo laser can laser melts fat

  • the laser can selectively dissolves fat unlike standard liposuction which can destroy all tissues.
  • The laser seals blood vessels which means less bleeding and less bruising
  • The laser can stimulate collagen production and tightens skin resulting in less loose skin after liposuction
  • Laser liposuction is less traumatic and results in quicker recovery

smart lipo laser fiberIt does all this with a thin 1mm laser fiber thus also minimizing the risk of skin scarring from the larger instruments used in old-school liposuction.

SmartLipo is the perfect method to sculpt trouble areas on one’s body such as the chin, jowls,  abdomen, back, thighs, knees, male chest, and love handles.  It is gentle, effective, permanent and the results are usually seen immediately.  This less invasive procedure is performed in the office without general anaesthesia and virtually no down time.  Thus it is suitable for everyone and most people don’t have second thoughts undergoing this laser lipo body sculpting procedure in order to look and feel better.

Anaheim, CA – Orange County

the land of sunshine, sushi, and swimsuits.  People are health conscious as well as body conscious.  Everywhere you turn, someone is dieting, exercising, and trying to lose this or that.  Some succeed on their own and others need a bit of help. 

More and more women and men are turning to liposuction to help them get rid of those unwanted fat pockets.  However, they are no longer seeking the traditional liposuction of the past but are now opting for the quick, simple, and effective laser lipo.  Lazer lipo has quickly become the most popular fat removing procedure in Los Angeles. 

Laser liposuction is commonly referred to as the "lunch time lipo." 

It is easy, virtually painless, and can be done in about one hour.  The results are similar if not superior to the traditional liposuction.  It can target all areas of the body where excess fat harbors.  The laser melts the fat and tightens the skin. the fat is then removed from the body permanently.


laser lipo los angeles

Why is laser-lipo the new trend in Los Angeles?

Everyone has some fat they want to lose and now it can’t be any easier to get rid of that unwanted fluff.

  • Laser lipo is simple, effective, and permanent.

  • We offer very minimal risks and virtually no downtime or restrictions.

  • Body Envi is affordable. You do not have to be rich or famous to have this procedure.  The procedure can start at under $1000.

  • This procedure is discreet.  No one will know you had anything done and you can look amazing. Some people even hide it from their spouse. “What? I look good. Thanks, I did lose some weight. I worked very hard.”

  • Getting this done fights obesity and puts more people into skimpy swimsuits.

Lazer lipolysis is the new trend in body shaping.  You may have seen friends, neighbors, or co-worker who suddenly looks so great in a short period of time.  They could have done their hair differently or they could have worn different clothes but most likely they have had laser lipo.

Our arms are the second most exposed part of our bodies next to only our faces.

In Southern California where it is sunny almost year round and the temperature is mild to warm on most days of the year, we all wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts and blouses. I am one of those short sleeve wearer.

flabby, jiggly armsA few months ago I was driving and my children (2 boys) were sitting in the back seat of the car. All of the sudden, my youngest son said, "your arms are jiggling." What? What did he just say? I wasn’t sure I was hearing him correctly so I asked for him to repeat his recent comment (which I probably shouldn’t have.) He then reiterated his statement using different descriptive words. He said, "Your arms are flabby and they’re swinging back and forth." He then proceeded to reach out pass the middle console into the driver side and shook the back of my arms as both my hands were on the steering wheel. "Like this," he said. Oooh, he was so lucky he retreated back to the back seat quickly before my flabby jiggly arm swung toward the center of the car. I missed and now I have done it. I have demonstrated the swing-ability of my arms to further prove his point. Learn from me. Take care of your arms before innocent but hurtful words come out from mouths of babes or worse yet from random strangers. I hope most of you like the way your arms look. If you don’t, there are few things available to you. First, try some simple arm exercises to tone up your triceps (back of arm muscles) and biceps. However, if you have genetically fuller arms or you deposit excess fat locally in this area, then exercises by themselves cannot spot reduce fat in this area. This is where the laser lipo procedure comes to the rescue. Arms respond very well to laser lipo. Amazing! 99% of all patients who have their arms treated are beyond happy. They are ecstatic. The only question they ask is, "why didn’t I do this sooner?" Arms are the perfect area to treat when you are younger. This way you can show off your new arms earlier. Here are some arms we have treated.