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The Holiday Season is here.  Wow! Where did the year go?  This can be a hectic time when we think of others and not ourselves.  Giving to others can feed our souls but don’t forget about you.  This is also the time when there will be pot lucks, parties, and get- togethers with lots and lots of food.  Overindulgence is common.  Don’t be trapped into gaining weight over the holidays.  You can try convincing yourself that you can lose the weight later.  We all know that is difficult and the pounds just keep creeping on slowly.  What can you do?  Here are some strategies to keep from gaining weight during the holidaysHolidays

1. Don’t skip meals.  Pack healthy snacks in your purse for your shopping trips (like apple and nuts).  Keep your trips to 3 to 4 hours at a time so you can take a break and have a sensible meal instead of eating at the mall’s food court.  Don’t wait until you are famished to eat because you will only chose high caloric and fat containing food. 

2. Drink plenty of water.  Remember to bring a bottle of water in your purse as well.  This will allow your body to burn the calories more efficiently.  All of us tend to not drink enough water.  Bringing the water and drinking it will keep you from being thirsty and then going for the high caloric juices at the vendors in the mall.  When you are thirsty, the smoothies, and shakes look much more appealing.  Give your will power some help.  

3. Don’t starve all day so you can eat that one meal.  This is soooooo bad for you.  For those of you who counts calories, I know you have used this strategy before.  Save up the calories and spend it all on one meal.  This can cause you to gain weight despite the number of calories consumed.  I’d like to tell my patients if you eat only one meal a day, the body sees twice as many calories (half of it you didn’t even eat.)  What do I mean?  OK. Let’s say you only ate one meal on Thanksgiving.  You saved yourself until dinner and ate turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and one piece of pie.  All of this fitting on one large plate.  This meal is between 1500 and 2200 calories depending on the plate size and how the dishes were made.  Let’s just say you ate 1500 calories.  Because you starved yourself all day your metabolism has slowed down and now that 1500 calories feels like 3000 calories to your body because it can’t consume it as efficiently.  This is my way of explaining to you how your body change the way it burns food by how you eat your food not just what you eat.  Since I do like to eat, I don’t want the body to think that I ate an extra 1500 when I didn’t even enjoy it.  So try to eat throughout the day.  You will enjoy more food and not gain weight.

4. Eat before going to a party.  What?? Yes, eat right before you go to a holiday party.  Don’t go hungry.  This will only cause you to overeat and eat poorly at the party.  Have a small snack (yogurt, string cheese and cracker, nuts, or appples) with lots of water prior to arriving and you will find that you can say no to the "bad" stuff that looks so good. You will give your will power a super boost.

5. Laser liposuction for the Holidays.  This strategy is not for everyone.  This is a great time to have the quick and easy procedure.  For one thing, during the holidays you can get the most value and most of us will have a few days to spare.  Not many people are thinking of Laser Liposuction now.  Thus, there are many specials being offered.  Want to get into that great body by Christmas?  You can.  Furthermore, people who have the procedure are more likely to lose weight and watch their intake through the holidays.  If you are thinking about laser liposuction, then check out the Body Envi Event and Holiday specials.  

Happy Holidays! 

Dermal filllers have been revolutionary in the anti-aging and facial rejuvenation crusade.  It has provided a safe, effective, and temporary alternative to the more difficult and painful surgical approach in reducing wrinkles, folds, lines, and changing facial contours.No needle fillers  

Most dermal fillers in the market today are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), the same substance that is found in the connective tissue layer of our own skin and other soft tissues.  It is a naturally occuring substance that is found in all mammals and it can be synthetically produced through a fermentation process.  All that points to the purity and ease of acceptance of the product by our own skin.  There are other dermal fillers that are made from calcium or from pig collagen.  These fillers are different and may have more side effects so be sure you know which fillers you are getting and why.

Traditionally needle placement – Traditionally dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Hylaform (all HA derived) are placed in the areas using a local anesthesia and a sharp needle.  This did result in some complications and side effects.  Complications included incidental injection of fillers into a blood vessel.  Although this is rare it can damage blood flow to certain facial structure.  More commonly, bruising can and does occur with needle injections.  This range from mild to moderate and resolves with time.

The No Needle Technique – The advancements in facial rejuvenation has changed how we place dermal fillers today.  With all the risks and complications of needle injections, we now can minimize risks and discomfort by not using the needle with dermal fillers in the face.  At Body Envi, we use a NO NEEDLE facial filler technique.  The fillers are placed with a blunted tip cannula.  There are no cutting edges and thus minimal damage to surrounding tissue.  The process is safe, virtually painless, and decreases the risks of incidental injections into blood vessel, and drastically minimize bruising.  The results are just as good if not better than using the needle and the procedure comfort is like never before.  

Patient Experiences – The patient experience with the blunt cannula has been overwhelmingly positive. The greatest acceptance and praise come from patients who have had injections utilizing the traditional sharp needle technique in the past. They literally cannot believe the ease of receiving the injections without any blocks or topical anesthetic even in historically sensitive areas such as the lips. The lack of bruising after the procedure is also a major positive point. Overall everyone has only positive responses to the NO NEEDLE technique.

The future of dermal fillers injection is here with the No Needle filler technique.  Make sure you ask your provider to not use a needle for your next fill or call us here at Body Envi to find out more.  

Finding more lines when you look in the mirror?  Does your face seem to have lost its youthful look?  Has gravity taken its hold downward on those cheeks and jaw line?  

Aging can be rough on the face.  Many men and women attempt to fight this uphill battle daily.  We use potions, pills, powders, and creams with the hope to recapture lost youth.  Science and technology has given us much more ammunition for this fight than ever before.   Some have used it well and others have just lost control.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Let’s not lose the focus on what is aesthetically beautiful.  To understand the beautiful face we need to first know the changes it undergoes with aging.  facial rejuvenation

In the tween years – The shape of a youthful face is full in the cheeks and wider in the upper third of the face tapering toward the chin.  It most resembles the upside down triangle.  The curves of the face are more rounded due to more connective tissue and fat underneath the skin.  The skin is taut and thick but may have blemishes due to hormonal changes.

In the 30’s-40’s – Some initial signs of aging may appear. Both the bony structure of the face as well as the soft structures (skin and underlying fat and connective tissues) change with time. Fine lines may start to be noticeable around the eyes, and the skin underneath your lower lids may become puffy.  Significant weight loss during this time and anytime forward will make the face look older due to loose skin and fat loss in the face.  

In the 50s and beyond – Bones, muscles, and further fat loss can be seen in the face.  Lines will deepen in all areas of the face especially around eyes and mouths resulting in permanent folds.  The bones shift and change causing reductions in the angles of the brow, nose, and upper jaw bones. The previous upside down triangle look to the youthful face flips with aging to a right side up triangle with the base of the triangle at the chin and jowls.  The eye sockets enlarge and give the eyes a more hollowed look.  The skin will thin out even more and lose the elasticity and turgor it once had.  

All these changes will happen to everyone.  The challenge is to slow it down and still have a naturally youthful appearance.  

How many times have you met someone with a face that looks off or unnatural.  It does not look bad, and may even look good from afar, but when you get closer, there is something not quite right.  Let me tell you.  I see it often in people coming to our office for consultations.  Why does this happen? 

It is the result of over and under treatment.  Botox and fillers are great products to add volume to where volume has been lost and to diminish fine lines from facial movements. They address the skin and connective tissue of the face but do not address the bony changes.  The evaluation needs to be thorough and the aesthetic eye needs to be keen in knowing when to treat and with what.  It goes without saying that you cannot try to turn the clock back 20 years by addressing only the soft tissue of the face without addressing the bony structural changes.  The worst “off-looking” faces are the ones that were overly volumized on an aged facial frame.  This mismatch makes the face looks unnatural and odd.  Thus, it is very important to be evaluated and treated by an expert with facial aesthetics.  Getting the cheapest priced treatments by just anyone may only back fires when it is not performed correctly.  It may turn out to be a lot more expensive. 

At Body Envi, we pride ourselves on our individualized approach to patient care and our exemplary outcomes and results.  Our facial rejuvenation program includes a comprehensive facial evaluation and a plan for management that targets the desired result.   

Considering laser liposuction?  Think it is too vain? It is true that most patients seeking laser liposuction are after a better body.  But laser liposuction is more than just about looks.  It is about the improvement in total body, mind, and health.

liposuction=healthIt is difficult to engage in meaningful research on the topic of liposuction affecting health and lifestyles.  There are so many factors that affect our health that is difficult to control. To study the effect of a single procedure can be a daunting task.  However, researchers have finally showed that liposuction resulted in health benefits.

Health Benefits

1. Reduction in Blood Fat Levels. In 2011, researchers in Kansas published results showing benefits from liposuction in a prospective study of 229 patients who underwent the liposuction procedure.  They found that among people who started out with high fat levels (triglycerides,) a three month follow up showed a 43% reduction in this level of fat (triglycerides.)  That’s about twice the reduction people usually get by taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

2. Reduction in Inflammatory Cells.  In the same study, the researchers also found a decrease in inflammatory cells by about 11%.  These cells have been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.  Thus one can deduce that the reduction of these cells may lead to a reduced risk of heart disease (cardiovascular disease.)  The study was not set out to investigate the risk of cardiovascular disease.  However, this may be an additional health benefit.

3. Healthier Lifestyle After Laser Liposuction.  Many patients who have had laser liposuction are usually motivated by their improved bodies to stay fit.  They tend to be more aware of nutrition and more likely to engage in an exercise program.

4. Improved mobility and posture resulting in higher physical activity.  Laser liposuction can reduce fat pockets in areas that may have limited someone in their mobility i.e., hips, thighs, and knees.  This reduction can result in higher physical activity and improved health.  Laser liposuction in the abdominal and mid section will improve posture and discomfort that may have come from that buldge of fat in the stomach hunching the posture forward in the seated position.  Many have reported ease in movement and comfort when driving or sitting at a desk.  These minor improvements cannot be overlook as they all contribute in the quality of life and improvement of health

5. Improved self-esteem, confidence, mood, sex, and overall happiness.  The psychological benefits from laser liposuction have not been scientifically studied.  However, in our experience of treating over 1000 patients, we have consistently seen and felt the positive psychological result of liposuction.  Patients often return "a different person."  There were patients who we had to do a bouble take.  This is not just because of the positive change in physicial outlook but a complete change in the self within.  Patients walk differently, carry themselves differently, and exudes much increased confidence and esteem.  This translates to how they are perceived by others.  Nowadays with many people in search of a new career or a new position, they are turning to laser liposuction to give them that edge not only physically but in self esteem and confidence improvement that cannot be measured in loss inches or pounds.  

I hope this has helped you to see laser liposuction’s benefit for much more than just getting into a better body.  Let me know if there is any other topics you would like to have information on.  Make a note int he comment section.  Thanks.


Are you looking to reduce fat pockets through laser liposuction?  If so, then you have chosen a very safe and effective method to accomplish this.  But now that you know what you want, where do you go?  Who do you trust?  Laser lipo upper back

It would be great if you can ask a friend.  Let me tell you that most people who seek laser liposuction keep this a secret.  Since the procedure is quick, safe, and with minimal downtime, no one will suspect that their friends and family members have had it done.  Everyone just notices the positive body changes and assumes it is due to diet and exercise.

I have had many patients keep it from their spouses and all have been successful in keeping their little secrets.  Recently, a patient told me she had revealed to her sister her interested in laser liposuction and her sister disclosed that she had had the procedure a few years ago and is very satisfied.  My patient was flabbergasted.  Her own sister had kept this little secret.   

How do you pick the right clinic and the right doctor?  Let me help you.  I have included here some reviews written on  Please read what some of our patients have said about us.  We have a 99% satisfaction rate.  We have not had any unhappy patients but I hesitate to put 100% satisfaction.  Here at Body Envi, we strive to build strong relationships with our patients. We don’t just perform procedures.  We change lives.  

  • 9/4/2012 – CN,  Rancho Cucamonga

I started my body sculpting last Jan. 2011 and have been back two more times. The procedures were least invasive with the greatest outcome. My body was smoothed out and even. I did not experience any cave ins, infections, or severe lasting pain. The staff is very life giving and deserve to work with the public. The procedure was affordable and fair. My relationship with Dr. NGO will probably remain life long. I will seek out Dr. NGO for all of my aesthetic needs. I feel great and very comfortable in my body. Dr NGO is truly an artist and she will take care of you I promise.

  • 5/20/2012 – Jules H, Los Angeles

I have been to Dr. Ngo several times for Botox, Juvederm and chemical peels, and each time I have had amazing results!  Dr. Ngo is  warm and professional and I never feel rushed when I have an appointment with her.  She takes the time to answer my questions and explain the procedure(s).   I highly recommend her.

  • 5/6/2012 – JP, Beverly Hills

Businesses often get written up when people are disappointed and not so often when people are pleased. For this reason I wanted to get online and start posting reviews when I am particularly happy.

I have had wonderful experiences with Dr. Ngo.  She is honest, friendly and puts me at ease right away.  Equally as important is that I never feel rushed when I am with her.  The first time I went to Body Envi, I told Dr. Ngo what procedures I was interested in (Botox, Juvederm and a chemical peel) and we spent quite a bit of time discussing them.  She is extremely knowledgeable as she clearly explained the benefits, side effects and expected results for everything. She was very careful and conservative with the procedures.

I am pretty fussy about Botox – I don’t want it to look like I have any.  Dr. Ngo puts in just enough to plump up the lines that I have, but not freeze my face (which is really important to me).

I’ve also had an amazing chemical peel at Body Envi.   Dr. Ngo is honest and will suggest exactly what you need to look and feel your best.  Whenever I leave Body Envi, I feel and and look years younger! Dr. Ngo is amazing!

  • 2/23/2012 – Bryan S., Anaheim

Procedure was great staff was better. All in in all great results great experience!!!!!

  • 1/25/2012 – Fox B, Carson

This was one of the most pleasing experiences I have ever had at a doctor’s office.  I just completed week six of my so called recovery.  I’ve been on the go ever since my procedure and kept forgetting that I was in recovery.  During my procedure I kept waiting for some pain.  A couple of pinches was about  it. I know of people having a harder time and spend a lot more time getting their hair extended.  I feel like Dr.Ngo is the best thing since sliced bread.  Not only is that fat gut that was making me crazy gone but it seems like the clock has been turned back 30 years.

  • 1/18/2012 – Barbara K, Newport Beach

This was my second foray into the land of fat removal, having had traditional liposuction at least twenty years ago.  Compared to my first experience, this was a stroll through the park.  After leaving Dr. Ngo’s office, following my procedure, I ran tons of errands, including grocery shopping.  It wasn’t until I got home that evening that I listened to Dr. Ngo’s message on my cell phone saying that she hoped I was resting.  I am in my mid-sixties and this procedure, coupled with Dr. Ngo’s skill, left me feeling like I would almost any other day of the week.  Day three was a peak for swelling (a minor amount) but even that only caused me to slow down for a couple of hours.  Different people will get varying results, of course; however, this has gone as anticipated and I am absolutely thrilled with my results in week two.  Beyond the great results we all anticipate with a treatment of this sort, my highest praise goes to Dr. Ngo and her warm, friendly and capable staff.  Dr. Ngo has perfected the art of being thorough but not overly invasive.  She has an artist’s practiced eye when she sculpts.  One of my bugaboos in life are doctors who may get the job done but leave the patient’s body feeling like it has been assaulted.  Dr. Ngo is very tuned into this and she takes "First, do no harm" to a new level.  If I ever feel like addressing any other part of my body, you will find me at her office and nowhere else.  It would be appropriate to offer her SIX stars.  Do yourself a favor and choose Body Envi.  I’m very happy that I did.

Call and come into our office.  Let us help you improve your life.

liposuction pricesAre you researching liposuction?  Whether you are just starting or are ready to have the procedure now…

Read this before you schedule liposuction procedure.

You’ve seen the ads… Liposuction for $695 per area… What is the catch?  Is this real value?  Beware; you get what you pay for. 

When it comes to liposuction, don’t compare apples to oranges.

5 things to consider when comparing liposuction prices

  1. Every clinic and physician price liposuction differently.  There is no uniformity.  Most will price based on a per body area rate with some built in multi area discounts.  Other clinics may price based on physician hourly rate or the amount of fat that needs to be removed.  Furthermore, the use of lasers and ultrasounds may also add to the cost.  So don’t be fooled by just a number flashing on the screen or one that sounds too good to be true.  Asks about what type of liposuction will be done and how the prices are calculated.
  2. Not all body areas are created equal.  Even when the price says per body areas, each clinic will define that area differently.  For example, the front of the abdomen can be anywhere from two to six areas based on the facility.  Some doctors determine body areas by the size of their hands.  Always ask for exactly what the body areas, how it is defined, and what the boundaries are.  Be specific because you need to know before the purchase and not be surprised after.
  3. Beware of a la carte pricing.  Inquire about what other charges might be present.  Many times these charges are added on after the fact.  Ask about facility charges, operating room charges, physician charges, anesthesia charges, lab charges, garment charges, and medication charges.  
  4. Who will be doing your procedure? Some advertisers of low price liposuction do not partner with physicians who perform your procedures.  It is common for physicians to be contracted to come into the clinic to perform the procedures and they may not see you either before or after.  Some clinics also have Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants performing the liposuction procedure solely.  Please make sure you know who will be performing your procedure and meet with this person before the procedure as well as after.  The price for liposuction in these types of “herd liposuction” clinics is usually lower but the quality and results are usually lower as well.
  5. Financial Policy, read the fine prints.  It is important that you ask about cancellation and rescheduling fees.  There may be a “no refund” policy.  Take your time.  Do your research and don’t make a hasty decision if you are unsure.  Sleep on it.  The offer will still be available tomorrow.
One last piece of advice.  Price is not everything.  You want to have value but you also want a great experience and even greater results.  Body Envi will give you the experience you cannot get at any other facility.  Come and check us out and experience our difference.
I hope this helps you in your quest to achieve the body that others will "envi."

It is easier now than ever to get into the body that you envision.  However, there are so many options out there and I’m sure you are bombarded with ads that promise quick and easy results.  Becareful!  Many patients come into our office for consultations and are utterly confused with everything they have heard and read. 

Who should I trust?    What works and what doesn’t?   How much should it cost?  I can’t afford to take off work.lunchtime lipo

These are the questions that keep many people from easily getting back into their skinnier bodies as well as keeping them from targeting those genetically placed fat pockets in abdomen and thighs. So…

Who should I trust? – This is a difficult one.  My recommendation is – you should feel comfortable in any clinic you visit and you need to meet with your physician.  You should feel confidence that the provider is competent and caring.  Ask for references and speak with them.  It is best to get referrals from friends and family who have been to and have been treated by that particular physician.  This is by far your best resource.  There are many clinics and physicians who have beautiful offices, great websites, and yet don’t perform the best procedures.  Do some research, and with the information you have gathered, you can decide who it is you will trust.

What works and what doesn’t? – It is difficult to get rid of fat on your own.  This requires sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan for an extended period of time.  Many have tried this diet/exercise plan.  Few have succeeded.  Many have repeated attempts only to gain more and more.  Yes, it is hard.  My point is – if whatever you look into to reduce fat sounds too easy then it is not going to work.  You can’t inject your way out of large amounts of fat.  You can’t freeze your way out of large amounts of fat.  And you can’t sit under a hovering laser beam for hours and reduce large amounts of fat.  There is some reduction in these methods, but whatever is reduced is not noticeable.  You do have to target the fat directly where it is stored and remove it.  That works!  With laser liposuction, you see the fat in the canister.  There is no question that it works. 

How much should it cost? – The promise to rid of fat can be expensive.  However, if a procedure you chose does not work then it is expensive at any price.  There are treatments out there that claim to reduce fat in 6-10 treatments at $99 a treatment.  That seems affordable at first glance but when you factor in time spent, loss revenue from time taken off, and then only minimal result if any, then it is a really expensive treatment.  Laser liposuction, on the other hand, is becoming more and more affordable with treatment specials starting at about $1000.  Does this seem expensive to you?  At the present time when everything we buy is going up in prices, this is actually going down.  Laser liposuction is more affordable than ever before. 

"I can’t afford to take time off work"– The lunchtime laser liposuction is a real phenomenon.  You can have the procedure in the time it takes for a long lunch.  The average time for laser liposuction in the office is about one hour per body area.  You can target your abdomen in about two hours and return to a desk job in the afternoon.  It is amazing.  The procedure is safe, effective, and quick.   Just one visit to complete treatment and you can return to your routine soon after.

If you have ever thought about getting rid of that fat, you should consider laser liposuction in Orange County and specifically in Anaheim at our office, Body Envi, near Disneyland.  Just take a long lunch break and say goodbye to that fat forever.

The cesarean section (C-section) rate is increasing in the United States.  In 2009, almost 1 out of every 3 deliveries in the United States was by C-section.  Whether the surgery was out of necessity or out of choice, women are having more abdominal scars and repeated scars in their abdomen. This has resulted in a whole new set of problems for moms’ bodies.  

The C-section Ledge c-section poochor Pooch is the result of cutting on stretched skin over a rounded belly and then having that heal and retract over the next few years.  Some women are lucky enough to not have this C-section Pooch phenomenon occur on their bodies while others, not so lucky women, will develop a fold with skin and fat over the C-section scar.  What is there to do?  Should these women diet, lose weight, and do hundreds of crunches?   Unfortunately, diet and exercise does not work to fully flatten out this area, and quit killing yourself on crunches.  Don’t get me wrong.  Keep on exercising but you don’t need to overdo it because it will not get rid of that ledge.

The C-Section Pooch or ledge is made of excess skin and fat.  There have been lots of surgeons advocating a tummy tuck to target this pooch.  However, a tummy tuck is an extremely agressive and difficult procedure to endure if all you have is a C-section pooch.  The recovery time, pain, and discomfort from a tummy tuck is long and arduous and who will take care of the children during the lengthy recovery?  A much less invasive and well tolerated alternative to treating the C-section pooch is Laser Liposuction.

How does Laser Liposuction target this C-section pooch?

laser liposuction 1. Laser liposuction will target and remove the excess fat in this area

2. The laser will also address the skin laxity by stimulating collagen production to promote skin tightening and retraction.

The results have been amazing.  There is usually no further need to undergo any other procedure.  The pooch is reduced significantly and patients are extremely satisfied.

Most people don’t know what their options are when it comes to getting rid this of this buldge over the C-section scar.  Once you have reached a stable post pregnancy weight, consider laser liposuction to target this annoying area.  Permanently.  It is easy and it works.

No two Bodies are alike, even in twins.  Why is this?  Our body shapes are determined by two factors

1. Our genetics inheritance

2. External forces exerted on the outside or inside of our bodies over time. (What?  I’ll explain below.)

With regards to the first factor, genetics, we cannot influence our basic bone and muscle structures very much.  Whether we are built apple shape, pear shape, longer torso, shorter legs, tall or short are mostly pre-determined for us.  However, we can influence all of these attributes in some extent through nutrition, supplements, and exercise.  So the bottom line is… You can thank your parents for the basic framework they provided and then it is up to you to add, mold, and shape your bodies to its final work of art. 

This brings us to factor number 2.  Our body shapes can be influenced by "forces" exerted from the inside of our bodies as well as from the outside of our bodies.  We all know that what we put into our bodies is very important.  If we eat foods that are not healthy for us and too much of it we can gain weight and gain fat which will in turn can enlarge our shape.  This is a slow process and the gain is progressive and ever increasing if we continue our eating habits.  I’m sure this is not new to anyone, but maybe you haven’t heard the term body sculpting before. 

What is more interesting are the factors that we don’t think about.  Have you ever noticed your stomach flatter in the morning and by the evening you look like you are pregnant?  This is not weight or fat.  During the day, you have accummulated gas and "stuff" in your intestines that push your stomach outward.  You find that you can’t seem to "suck it in" anymore.  This is one of those forces that will quickly change your shape within 8-10 hours.

How about the clothes that you wear.  Have you noticed that it can also change your shape over time.  You know the old adage, "you are what you eat."  Well, I have coined a new one.  "YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR."  If you find nothing at all interesting about this post, I hope you remember that one thing.  Let me try to convince you of this fact. 

1. You wear clothes 24 hours a day (maybe less for some)

2. Most clothes hug your body (unless you wear muumuus all day)

3. Your clothes will constrict in some places and loose in others

4. You also wear belts that cinche around waist or hips

All of these factors work together to influence your shape over time.  You can use clothes to shape your body.  Let’s go back to the days of tight corsets.  body sculptingWomen bind their bodies to have 16-19 inch waists, big bossom and big hips.  How does this happen?  The tight pressure around the mid section prevent fat from depositing in these places and thus fat gets re-distributed to other less pressurized areas like breasts, butts, and hips.  The earlier corsets are worn, i.e. during adolescents, the more pronounced and permanent these effects are.  Recall the earlier parts of the last century, women had a similar shape.  They all had small waists and larger busts and hips.  It was the result of the fashion trends at that time.

If you look around today, you can see the shapes created by the latest fashion in clothing. Everyone is developing a "muffin top".  The muffin tops began to appear within the last 10 years when the jeans began to slip lower and lower on our hips.  Prior to this trend, jeans were worn at the waist.  When the pants "fell," the tight pressure was placed lower on the hips and fat began to be deposited above this constriction.muffin top1  We have molded our bodies into a "double hour glass" with "two waists."  This is entirely due to the clothes that we wear.  When you take off your clothes today, look at what it did to your body during the day. 

These effects can range from temporary to permanent depending on how long the clothes were worn and how much weight fluctuation occurred during that time.  muffin top2

Can the effects be reversed?  Yes!  You can approach this in two ways.  The first is to get out of the clothes that is causing the bulges and get into ones that smooth and flatter.  Make sure the jeans are not too tight and there is no undesired compression and overflow.  You can also add a body shaping garment.  They range in quality, compression, and price.  In order to affect your shape, your body shaping garment has to be tight in all the right places.  It will not be comfortable at first but you can get used to it and it will shape you in time.

The second way to reshape is to have the fat deposit in those places removed through laser liposuction. Those results are immediate and permanent.  Make sure that you give away the clothes that cause the mishaping and don’t wear them in the future.  Add to your wardrobe clothes that will improve your shape because remember that first rule.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR


…You will hate yourself later.

get laser lipo nowYou have been thinking about getting some help in the fight against fat and weight.  You have mulled over options like fad diets, cleansings, various procedures and surgeries.  You need some help?   Why not get the help that will deliver quick, permanent results, and is also really simple to go through.  Are you unsure?  Are you afraid to look at this option?  Don’t be. 

Liposuction used to be a much more involved procedure with multiple visits, complexity in scheduling, hospital setting, and long downtime.  Now with laser liposuction you can come in for a free consult, have the procedure as quickly as you can schedule it in, and return to work the next day.  It can’t get any easier than this. 

Laser liposuction in Orange County is no longer just for the rich “Housewives of Orange County,” or the most affluent.  More people can afford this procedure now than ever.  With our low prices and easy to qualify financing we can help you get into the body you envisioned.  With such good value in the procedure and anyone can afford it, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to look better and feel more confident now?  Laser liposuction can get you the results you are looking for quickly.  If you wait, you will hate yourself later.  The most common statement I hear at the follow up visits is “I wish I had done this earlier.”  Don’t be one of these people, get your better looking body today enjoy it now and for many years to come.