Get Rid of Cellulite with These 3 Simple Solutions

Get Rid of Cellulite with These 3 Simple Solutions

get rid of cellulite

Cellulite: an estimated 98% of women have it, but not everyone wants it. For some people, it may seem impossible to smooth out those dimpled patches of skin, which usually appear along the thighs or buttocks. However, there are solutions for those who want to get rid of cellulite, ranging from simple lifestyle changes to at-most minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Try these three tips for reducing or eliminating cellulite:

Follow a healthy diet and maintain an exercise routine.
One of the best fat-busting methods is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. No gimmicks or fad diets needed! The trick, of course, is to figure out exactly what can help you lose weight best. When it comes to exercise, try exploring your workout options locally, whether you like to hit up the gym or take in a yoga or spin class a few times a week instead. Even taking a walk or a run around your neighborhood or local park can do wonders for your fitness routine. Determining how to eat healthier, however, may be trickier, so you might look to a medical professional to help you develop your weight maintenance program if this is something you struggle with.

Stay hydrated — both inside and outside.
Most physicians recommend drinking eight glasses of water per day, and this is a good rule for just about everyone to follow. Not only does drinking the recommended amount of water each day help to improve your overall health, but it also increases hydration in your skin. Another way to help your skin is to moisturize regularly to smooth fine lines and provide hydration. There are lotions on the market that promise to reduce cellulite, but in general they firm the skin rather than changing the cellular structure that produces cellulite.

Talk to a doctor about cosmetic treatments.
With today’s cosmetic treatment technology, there are always new advances that can help patients get rid of cellulite. For the most part, these treatments target women, who are more prone to cellulite and tend to make up about 90.6% of those who have cosmetic procedures done; in 2013, women had a total of 10.3 million of the 11.4 million cosmetic procedures in the United States. One such treatment is laser cellulite removal, which uses the same kinds of technology found in procedures like laser liposuction. Laser liposculpture procedures are designed for reshaping bodies and targeting several different body parts; the lasers involved absorb about 90% water. But where liposuction is concerned with weight loss, laser cellulite removal can get rid of cellulite and provide you with smoother skin in these trouble areas.

If you think a cellulite reduction treatment, weight maintenance plan, or other solution is right for you, make sure to speak to a professional to discuss your options.

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