Can Your Body Benefit from Laser Liposuction?

Can Your Body Benefit from Laser Liposuction?

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Around 98% of women have cellulite in at least one area of their bodies, and many feel like there is nothing they can do about these uneven bits of flesh. These days more people are turning to liposuction than before; between 2012 and 2013, the treatment saw a 16.3% increase in popularity, comprising about 363,912 of all cosmetic procedures that year. Many women may worry about "going under the knife," though, and not think that lipo is right for them. But there is another option that can melt away fat without requiring a lot of downtime for recovery — laser liposuction.

Laser liposuction procedures are reshaping bodies with the latest in beauty technology, and, in fact, there is no "suction" actually involved. For the most part, these laser treatments use low level laser light to get at unwanted fat and the "water weight" that some women carry around. During a typical laser lipo treatment, the lasers will absorb about 90% of water from beneath the skin’s surface. This type of treatment can also include laser cellulite removal to get rid of cellulite in stubborn areas.

What are the benefits and risks of laser liposuction? The biggest advantage, of course, is the weight loss and body reshaping that patients who get this treatment will see. One of the most common procedures includes abdominal liposuction, which can help reduce stomach fat. Other parts of the body can also benefit from this treatment. As for risks, it is best to ask a professional in case you have any medical concerns. In general, laser lipo doesn’t require a lengthy recovery, and they are approved as safe cosmetic treatments.

As with any other weight loss procedure, there are a couple of caveats. Yes, both surgical and non-surgical liposuction can help a person lose weight, but they are not usually the answer to a person’s need for extreme weight loss. This is best discussed with a doctor who can develop a medical weight loss plan. However, those looking for reshaping may benefit from non-surgical liposuction. Patients are also warned to stick to a diet and exercise plan that will help them stay in shape. National statistics report that liposuction patients are three times as likely as others to gain weight if they don’t follow a healthy diet, and they are four times more likely to put on weight if they don’t exercise on a regular basis.

If you have tried losing weight but ran into some stubborn fat on your body, consider asking about laser or non-surgical liposuction. Whether or not it’s right for you, you can work with a professional to develop your weight maintenance program and get to a better you.

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