5 Liposuction Before & After Results That Show Your Body's Problems

5 Liposuction Before & After Results That Show Your Body's Problems

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These days, the vast majority of Americans are overweight or obese, and 69% of adults over 20, or nearly seven out of 10, need to shed more than a few pounds. Losing weight can be difficult, especially when you’ve put yourself through a strict diet and exercise routine. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. If you’ve been sticking with your weight maintenance program, exercising regularly, and eating right, then laser liposuction may be the boost that your body needs to get into the shape you’re looking for.

How does laser liposuction work? The lasers in this minimally invasive procedure absorb about 90% of the water beneath the skin’s surface to reduce fat and smooth out these troubling areas of the body — without surgery. Whether you want to lose a little or a lot, laser liposuction may be the answer if traditional diet and exercise just haven’t worked or if your weight loss progress has plateaued. Here are five of the top liposuction before & after results that you may see if you’re targeting these areas.

For many people, the stomach area is one of the most troubling spots for weight loss. That "pooch" that gives some women the "muffin top" look can be distressing when you’re trying to fit into your skinny jeans. After a procedure like abdominal liposuction, you can see a smoother stomach with no bulging at the waistline.

Arms and Back
The upper arms can be another trouble spot for just about anyone. Typical liposuction before and after shots will show women and men with slimmer upper arms and less fat around the shoulders and upper back. If love handles are a problem, then they can be reduced or eliminated through liposuction, too.

Hips and Chest
Sometimes the mid-section isn’t a problem for women, but an hourglass figure can result in too-wide hips or a top-heavy chest. Laser liposuction is ideal for these areas. Getting the procedure done on the hips may also be a great complement to abdominal lipo.

Chin and Neck
If you’ve started to develop a double chin, or aging has caused your jawline to appear puffy or droopy, then laser liposuction may help firm up this spot. This procedure can also be used on the neck to create a slimmer, smoother appearance.

For the legs, fat isn’t always so much of an issue as cellulite is, especially for about 98% of women. In this case, liposuction may not provide a solution, but laser cellulite removal could be the answer. Additionally, liposuction and cellulite reduction techniques can work together to help women see slimmer, fitter looking legs.

If you want to see laser liposuction before and after results or learn more about laser cellulite removal, make sure to talk to a doctor and ask about previous patients. This will help you determine whether laser liposuction is right for you. Have more questions? Get in touch with us, or leave us a comment.

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